Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dreaming Baqua, visit to a refugee camp in Jordan

(c)Anne Paq/
"Dreaming Baqua'a", Baqua'a refugee camp, Jordan, november 2006.

Lors de mon sejour en Jordanie, une visite au camp de refugies de Baqu'a. avec 100,000 refugies, il s'agit du plus grand camp de refugies palestiniens en Jordanie. les conditions sont assez horribles dans le camp, sous haute surveillance.

During my stay in Jordan, i had the chance to visit Baqu'a refugee camp; not very far from Amman. With 100? 000 inhabitants it is the biggest in Jordan, and one of the worse. the living conditions are quite dreaful, under very tight control.

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