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Et toujours et encore nous replantons (1)/ And again and again we replant (1)

Le Mur au mileu des champs des oliviers, au mileu des terres palestiniennes /
The Wall in the middle of olive trees fields, in the middle of Palestinian lands.

A Bethlehem. La construction du Mur, loin devant la colonie monstrueuse de Har Homa, en développement perpetuel, a permis de prendre plus de terres palestiniennes (ici en contrebas)/
In Bethlehem. The construction of the Wall, in front of the monstruous colony of Har Homa which is continuously expanding, has been a land grab (on the pics on the olive trees field down)

Un fermier de Bethlehem; montrant ses arbres, devenus inacessibles de l'autre coté du Mur.
A farmer from Bethlehem, showing his olive trees; that become out of reach on the other side of the Wall

(c) Anne Paq/; Bethlehem, March 2007

Bethlehem; 3 mars 2007. Coincidence ou pas, en une semaine je suis allée prendre des photos d'arbres detruits à Salamoneh, et quelques jours apres je plantais des oliviers dans un champ où les arbres ont été arrachés pour aussi construire le Mur (à Bethlehem), dans le cadre de la campagne pour les oliviers lancée par le YMCA. en un mois, plus de 7000 oliviers ont ete replantés; la construction du Mur a entrainé la destruction de 80,000 arbres, et d'autres sont à venir.
Le jour de notre operation de replantage d'arbres etait particulierement beau, le soleil est de retour et il aide je dois dire à supporter l'insupportable; l'etouffement progressif de la Palestine, qui passe par le marquage physique du territoire (destruction des arbres, construction du Mur, construction de nouvelles routes reservées au colons, agrandissement des colonies, construction de nouvelles colonies, erection de nouvelles tours d'observations militaires...que reste-t-il à la fin aux Palestiniens?).
Mais ce matin la, le simple acte de faire quelque chose de concret, meme si cela parait bien derisoire, m'a fait du bien. nous continuerons à replanter en Palestine, des arbres, des projets, des espoirs, des rêves. encore et toujours, en depit du fatalisme ambiant. ces petites graines qui finiront bien par pousser un jour et percer cette chappe de plomb et rideau de mensonges.

Coincidence or not, in one week i took some pictures of detroyed trees because of the construction of teh Wall in Um Salamoneh and a few days later i was planting some olive trees in a field where the trees have been uprooted also because of the Wall. This planting rescue operation has been planned as part of the olive trees campaign organised by YMCA. In one month more than 7,000 trees have been planted. Since the construction of the Wall around 80,000 trees have been uprooted (and this is not over). Many of them are these magnificent and hundreds years old olive trees, which are an important part of the Palestinian heritage.
The day of our planting operation was beautiful. the sun was back, and that really helps to face quite a depressing situation. But thatmorning it just felt so nice to be out there and do something very concrete, even of it looks only symbolic.
we will continue to re-plant in Palestine, re-plant trees, but also ideas, hopes, dreams and projects...again and again; against the odds and prevailing pessimism. these seeds will one day grow and pierce this Iron wall and curtain of lies.

Maan article

Joint Advocacy Initiative plant olive trees in Bethlehem on land under threat of confiscationBethlehem – Ma'an -

On Saturday the 3rd of March, dozens of local and international volunteers helped farmers plant olive trees in a field next the Wall, in the occupied Palestinian West Bank town of Bethlehem. The land is under threat of confiscation by the Israeli settlers and soldiers. The Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI) of the East Jerusalem YMCA / YWCA of Palestine organized this International Planting Day as part of its ongoing the 'Keep Hope Alive: Olive Tree Campaign'.

The field belongs to Johnny Ateek a citizen of Bethlehem. More than 50 Dunams (50,000m²) of Ateek's land has already been annexed for the construction of the illegal separation Wall.

In addition to the YMCA and YWCA volunteers, volunteers participated from various groups and organizations; including the WCC Ecumenical Accompaniment Program, the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), Dierbergen community in the Netherlands, and others internationals and locals, who planted 160 olive trees in several fields in the area.

The day began with a briefing about the Olive Tree Campaign, its progression, and its success and effectiveness in terms of keeping hope alive for farmers and progressing towards peace. The project also seeks to deliver a message to the occupation forces that this land is not neglected, there are people using and benefiting from it, and there are people from various countries supporting the Palestinian struggle for a just peace and end to the occupation.

As is the case with the Olive Tree Campaign, all the trees planted were donated by partner YMCA's and YWCA's, churches and generous individuals across the world. A plaque, featuring the names of organizations and individuals, was placed in the field in gratitude to those who sponsored the newly planted olive trees.

After planting the olive trees, the Ateek thanked all who helped and promised to take care of the trees and contact the campaign administrators in the event of the field being threatened by the Israeli forces.

The 5th planting season of the Olive Tree Campaign is almost over with 7,375 olive trees planted Bethlehem, Hebron and Salfit, Jenin and Gaza areas, which adds up to a total of over 21,000 olive trees planted through the campaign.

The campaign aims to plant and replant 50,000 trees where trees were previously uprooted or fields under threat of confiscation.

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