Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another week of settlers' terror in Hebron

Weekly Report [Hebron]
Period: From Sunday 10 May 2009 to Saturday 23 May 2009

10.05.09 Sunday****************************
*Settlers stole some wooden doors from gold market.
Settlers threw stones toward Seder Family in shallaleh street

11.05.09 Monday****************************

Settlers had fire on Palestinians land in Tell-Rumeida for Lag Ba’omer Holyday
The wood was stolen from Palestinians shops and houses.

Settlers attacked a Palestinians kid from Sharabati Family near Biet Hadasa

12.05.09 Tuesday **************************

Settlers uprooted 4 trees from Issa Amro’s house .

The Israeli army closed Shuhada street checkpoint for 3 H (15:00 -18:00)

The army forced Abed Alkareem Jaabari to get out of his land , and was threat to be arrested if he gets inside it again

13.05.09 Wednesday*****************************
Soldiers tried to force abed alkaremm Jabari to get out of his land but after Human Rights Defender intervened the soldiers went a way

15.05.09 Friday**********************************
Israeli Army and police attacked a group of Palestinians and Israel and international who were helping abed Alkareem Jaabari to harvest his crops .

The boarder police tried to arrest the land owner and they declared the area as close military zone therefore the settlers stayed in the land dancing. Jaabari Area

17.05.09 Saturday*********************************
Settlers threw stones toward Palestinians shops , soldier saw what happened but did nothing to stop them.

18.05.09 Sunday************************************
Border police invaded a Palestinian house from muhtaseb family and they searched the house and forced all the family members to go outside the house and to stay near a checkpoint for 3 hours , kids and women and old men were detained too .

18.05.09 Monday**********************************
Settlers were planning to get in to H1 the area which is under the Palestinians control, but the army didn’t let them.
Many Palestinians protested against settlers plan to visit H1

19.05.09 Tuesday***********************************
Settlers threw fire balls toward Shallaleh street shops, and they sprayed dirty water on the customers.

20.05.09 Wednesday*******************************
Settlers put electricity bulls in Al-buerieh on Palestinians land, to connect the outpost with the electricity Al-Buerieh

22.05.09 Friday*************************************
Palestinians and international had protest near the new outpost in al-buerieh , the army and the police declared the area as a close military zone , and the settlers attacked the demonstrator .the army applied the order only on the Palestinians and the internationals. Al-Buerieh

23.05.09 Saturday *****************************
Settlers threw stones toward Bassam Jaabari shop ,soldiers saw what happened but did nothing to stop them.

Youth Against Settlements
Issa Amro

Badia Dwaik

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