Monday, April 05, 2010

repression against human rights organisations continues-

The IOF Raids Michigan Peace Team (MPT) Office South of Nablus
Subject: [longtermers] The IOF Raids Michigan Peace Team (MPT) Office South of Nablus

At two o'clock this morning, the Israeli Occupation Army (forcefully entered a house in Howarah Town, South of Nablus. The house, which was empty at the time, is used as an office for the Michigan Peace Team.

According to some neighbors, who were watching the scene from their windows during the raid, tens of Israeli soldiers forcefully broke the garden gate and the main door and entered the house using sound bombs. The soldiers caused damage to the furniture of the house and confiscated pro-Palestinian banners and posters.

The raid tonight follows the recent Israeli campaign to end Palestinian nonviolent popular resistance, which takes the form of raids, arrest of local activists and organizers, such as Adeeb and Abdullah Abu Rahmah, as well as arrest and deportation of international activists, involved with Palestinian popular resistance, such as the recent unlawful detention/deportation of Eva Nováková, a Czech citizen, Ariadna Jove Marti, a Spanish journalist, and Bridgette Chappell, an Australian student in the Beir Zeit university.

Nael Al-Ahmad, a resident of Howarah, described the unjustified raid as a failed attempt to crash the grassroots movement against the Occupation and to hide and bar access to information from the international community about the Israeli inexplicable crimes against the Palestinian people.


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  1. Thank you/Merci -
    We appreciate your covering the raid on our office in the West Bank. It seems both strange and sad that the IOF would target us when we are completely devoted to nonviolent conflict resolution. On the other hand, the most successful social justice changes throughout history have been those brought about by persistent, nonviolent means. In that light, maybe we're a threat to them after all. Peace and continued safety to you
    - Mary Hanna/MPT Operations Manager