Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Raid militaire a Ramallah/Military Raid in Ramallah

24 Mai 2006.
Raid militaire israelien a Ramallah pour arreter des membres des groupes militants, en plein milieu de la journee. Forcement il y a eu affrontements qui ont resulte en une trentaine de blesses, et quatre morts. Quatre jeunes gens d’une vingtaine d’annee. Il y avait des tirs dans tous les sens, sans discriminations. demain il va y avoir une grosse manifestation a Ramallah.
24 May 2006. Israeli military raid in Ramallah to arrest some Palestinian militants. The raid took place in teh middle of the day in the main and busy streets. Of courses there have been clashes. at the end there were many injured, around 30, and four dead, four young men around 20 years old. There was shooting everywhere, indiscriminately. tomorrow there will be a big demonstration in Ramallah.

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