Friday, June 12, 2009

sadly these days in jerusalem / des jours bien sombres a jerusalem

An invitation to a self-demolition

"This afternoon, at 5 pm. onwards, Raed Said (who plays percussion at the Jerusalem Hotel musical evenings, so you may know him…) will be enjoying tearing down part of his home in the Old City: a self-demolition – one of the many that doesn’t feature in the statistics (we estimate you can perhaps even double the stats if you factor in self demolitions). The attached stats from Al Maqdese should make us all quake. Natural growth of settlements, matched by natural “cleansing” of Palestinians? Note Tel al Foul, where settlers plan a new settlement. Raed will be delighted to receive guests (coffee not guaranteed, he may be too busy) to watch his destruction. I suppose he may even be glad of help. Raed speaks Hebrew, Arabic and English, and is available at 0522-289 151. The home is in the Bab Hutta quarter, at 1st station of the Cross, on al Omari Street. You get there through the Lion’s Gate. If you call Raed, he will come to the Lion’s Gate to get you."
Again, he will be delighted to receive you. Please bring friends. The more the merrier.Have a good weekend" Angela, ICAHD.

additional information (just taken the last two days)
- some settlers tried to take some lands on the mount of olives, but were prevented by Palestinians.
- the Israeli police delivered again some demolition orders to the people of the Bustan, in Silwan, provoking clashes.

what a nice summer to come to Jerusalem....

A Jerusalem, l'ete s'annonce plutot tres sombre.

Aujourd'hui a 17 heures, un Palestinien va detruire par lui-meme sa propre maison. Comme de nombreuses maisons a Jerusalem, la sienne a recu un avis de demolition. Officiellement il y a toujours une raison invoquee (absence de permis, etc.) mais le but est tres clair: vider Jerusalem le plus possible de des habitants palestiniens.
Certains Palestiniens detruisent d'eux-memes leur maison, car s'ils attendent les bulldozers de la municipalite, ils doivent payer les frais qui peuvent s'elever a des milliers de dollars! Raed a donc decide de detruire lui-meme sa maison, et d'inviter des personnes a assister au spectacle, dans un esprit de derision tout palestinien.

Dans les nouvelles tout aussi rejouissantes des derniers jours, nous pouvons citer:
- des colons ont tente de prendre des terres par la force sur le Mont des oliviers. Heureusement des Palestiniens les ont vus a temps et les ont empeches de prendre position;
- les habitants du Bustan de Silwan ont encore recu des avis de demolitions pour leurs maisons, ce qui a declenche des confrontations.

L'ete s'annonce tres festif a Jerusalem, comme en Palestine.

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