Thursday, February 08, 2007

For Abir please attend

Memorial ceremony for Abir Aramin

On this coming Saturday, 10/2, we will hold a Palestinian-Israeli memorial ceremony for 10 year old Abir Aramin that was killed outside of schoold by Border Police soldiers on January 16th. Bassam, father of Abir, is one of the leaders of Combatants for Peace and has been working for some years on promoting dialogue and peace and on the non violent resistance to the occupation. Bassam and his family will take part in the ceremony together with Abir's classmates from Anata. We wish to invite you to bring along also your children and to emphasize through this joint ceremony that all children have a right to live and go to school safely. Especially now when the Israeli Police is trying to do everything in its power not to take the responsibility and indict the criminals we must send a clear message demanding that justice be served.
The ceremony will take place at Damascus gate (near the stairs) at 15:00.

For further information:
Itamar Shapira
"Combatants for Peace"

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