Wednesday, February 08, 2006

La force de protection internationale quitte Hebron/ the international protection team leaves Hebron

Mercredi 8 Fevrier 2006

Quand je suis allee a Hebron la semaine derniere j ai rencontre des personnes de la force temporaire de protection temporaire de Hebron (TIPH). Ils m'ont dit que des membres danois avaient deja quitte Hebron mais je ne crois pas qu'ils pensaient eux memes avoir a quitter Hebron.
Ces personnes sont des observateurs internationaux dans la vieille ville. ils se placent aux checkpoints, accompagnent les enfants palestiniens a l ecole et essayent par leur simple presence de minimiser les violences contre les civils palestiniens que ce soit par les colons ou les soldats israeliens.
Tristement les voila obliges de plier bagages a la suite d'attaques des Palestiniens eux memes a la suite des caricatures du prophete Mahomet. les colons doivent se rejouir. Triste jour pour Hebron.

When I visited Hebron last week I met some of the members of the team of the TIPH.They told me that that teh Danish members had to leave. I do not think that they were thinking about having to leave themselves. There is almost no international organization working in Hebron., TIPH members are always there. they stand at checkpoints, and go around. They go along with the Palestinian kids to schools. They try by their presence to minimize violence against Palestinian civilians perpetrated by the Israeli settlers and soldiers. Sometimes that they are not so successful but at least they are there and can report.
Sadly today thw whole team will leave after attacks by Palestinians that entered their building and destroy everything inside, following the wave of protest against cartoons of the prophet Mohammad. The Settlers must be very happy. What a sad day for Hebron.
Wed 8 February 2006

Hebron (Ma'an) – The head of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH), Arenston Ouvreqel, said that the group will leave Hebron after students broke into their offices in the city.

During a demonstration Wednesday against offensive caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad, students forcefully entered the TIPH building and destroyed its contents.

The TIPH has been a fixed mission in Hebron since February 1, 1997. The mission, whose mandate is to monitor and report on the situation of Palestinians in Hebron, is composed of observers from Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Ouvreqel reported during a press conference Wednesday afternoon, "We, the 72 members from six countries will leave Hebron after the destruction of the TIPH headquarters. We feel sorry for what has happened."

"We used to live in peace," he added, "But what happened changed the situation and we will leave for the safety of the TIPH members."

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