Friday, March 25, 2011

Settlers put a tent and try to force out Palestinians of their lands / des colons mettent une tente pour faire evacuer une famille palestinienne

(c) Anne Paq/, Ein Hilwe, Jordan Valley, 23.03.2011.

From Jordan Valley Solidarity:

Breaking news : the army is forcing the Bedouin family out of the land, arresting the head of the family and international and Israeli volunteers

Please contact us : 0599 352266 or 0598 853743

Report of our members in the village 24.3.11

Two days ago, Israeli soldiers came to Ein Il Hilwe community,in the Northern Jordan Valley, to tell the Bedouin to destroy their tent and if they don't they would go to jail.

During the night, settlers from the nearby settlement came to build a tent beside the Bedouin tent and told them 'if you destroy your tent we will destroy our tent too'. Then all night settlers walked and shout all around the Palestinian tents.

Settlers built a fence all around the Palestinian tent and are being aggressive with the family and international supporters staying there.

Ein Il Hilwe Bedouin community is surrounded by five settlements willing everyday to expend.

Last November, settlers already tried to take possession of this piece of land, building a fence all around it. After few days of struggle, the army finally removed the fence.

But today, few days after Netanyahu visit in the Jordan Valley, settlers are trying again to take the land.

Once again the occupation forces are trying to take more land and ressources from the Palestinians, pushing them to live the area. And once again we will struggle against this injustice !

JVS is calling international volunteers to join the struggle against this land theft.

Then the next day the tent was demolished:

Army declares the Bedouin land a 'closed military area' and demolishes the Bedouin tent

Ein Il Hilwe Bedouin land that faces settler aggression for 3 days is now declared 'closed military area' and their home was demolished by the army. Tonight Nabeel's family will have to sleep in the Jordan Valley Solidarity school.

After trying to build another tent beside the main road and being asked by the army to leave the area, the family has no other choice than to sleep in the tent school.


Dans un petit village bedouins dans la vallee du Jourdain, des colons ont erige une tente au milieu de la nuit, a une distance de 15 metres d'une tente de Bedouins, sur des terres palestiniennes appartenant a l'Eglise. Les colons ont menace la famille pour qu'elle parte. L'armee israelienne est aussi venue, et ont aussi dit a la famille de partir et ont menace de detruire la tente, tout cela sans le moindre ordre officiel de demolition ou d;expulsion.
Le proprietaire leur a repondu que c'etait sa tente, sa maison et qu'il n'etait pas question de la detruire. Le lendemain les colons ont comence a batir une cloture et continuer de menacer la famille, l'armee est quant a elle intervenue,,,au lieu d'arreter les colons, les soldats ont detruit la tente de la famille qui cette nuit dormira dans l'ecole contruite par le groupe Jordan valley solidarity. La famille comprend 6 personnes dont 4 enfants, ils viennent sur ces terres depuis 15 ans.

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