Monday, May 31, 2010

Protests spread against the IDF murderous attack against the flotilla to Gaza /Manifestations contre l'attaque meurtriere contre les bateaux pour Gaza

(c) Anne Paq/, Jerusalem, 31.05.2010

the signs read: "siege is terror", and "Bibi, you have blood of activists on your hands"..

In Ramallah, at Qalandia checkpoint, the demonstration was very violently repressed. A young American woman lost her eye after having been shot by a tear gas cannister in her eye.
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parmi les slogans: "le siege est terreur", et "Bibi (Netanyaou) tu as le sang d'activistes sur tes mains"...

A Ramallah, a Qalandia pres du checkpoint, la manifestation a ete violemment reprimee..une jeune americaine, a la nationalite israelienne, a perdu un oeil apres avoir recu une grenade lacrymogene en pleine figure.
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Protests spread against the IDF murderous attack against the flotilla to Gaza /Manifestations contre l'attaque meurtriere contre les bateaux pour Gaza

(c) Anne Paq/, Bethlehem, 31,05.2010

Around 100 Palestinians and internationals gathered in Bethlehem to protest against the IDF murderous attack on the boats going to Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid, on 31.05.2010. The protesters walked towards Rachel's tomb but were stopped by the Palestinian police who refused to let the demonstration pass. The Palestinian police then clearly acts against the right to demonstrate and as a security proxy to Israel.

Environ 100 Palestiniens et les internationaux se sont réunis à Bethléem, pour protester contre l'attaque meurtrière de l'armée israélienne sur les bateaux en route pour Gaza pour acheminer de l'aide humanitaire, le 31.05.2010. Les manifestants se sont dirigés vers le tombeau de Rachel, mais ont été arrêtés par la police palestinienne qui a refusé de laisser passer la manifestation. La police palestinienne agit alors clairement à l'encontre du droit de manifester et comme un agent de sécurité pour Israël.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Two other families at risk of being expelled in Sheikh Jarrah / Deux nouvelles familles menacees d'expulsion a Sheikh Jarrah, 28.05.2010

(c) Anne Paq/, Sheikh jarrah, East Jerusalem, 28.05.2010
Inside Syam family home.

A Sheikh jarrah, deux autres familles viennent de recevoir des avis d'expulsions emanant de cabinet d'avocats. Selon le papier, ils ont 45 jours pour partir. Ils doivent en plus payer 12,000 NIS (2,500 euros) par annees passees sur le terrain, qui, selon le document ne leur appartient pas. Les familles sont atterrées, cela fait 40 ans que la famille Syam vit dans cette maison qui abrite 4 personnes, dont un bébé.
le nettoyage ethnique continue a Jerusalem. Chaque vendredi, des manifestations ont lieu a Sheikh Jarrah pour lutter contre cette politique. Les familles, soutenues par de nombreux activistes et organisations, continuent a se battre. Pour les trois dernieres familles expulsees, les colons ont tout de suite pris place dans leur maison, mettant clairement en lumiere le but de cette politique.

East Jerusalem eviction orders threaten new embarrassment for Netanyahu

As PM heads to Washington to expunge memories of row with U.S. over Jewish building in the capital, tensions in Sheikh Jarrah risk reigniting tensions.
By Nir Hasson Tags: Israel news East Jerusalem Sheikh Jarrah
As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu heads to Washington in a much-feted effort to restore damaged ties with the United States, new tensions in East Jerusalem threaten to rekindle a diplomatic row over Jewish building beyond the Green Line in the city.
On Saturday lawyers served eviction notices to two Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, a focus of clashes between Arab residents and settlers.
The families were ordered to vacate their properties within 45 days.
Netanyahu will meet U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday in what observers predict will be extremely cordial circumstances – a marked contrast with the Israeli leader's previous visit to the White House in March, when he was denied a joint photo-call with his American counterpart.
Then, Washington's frosty hospitality was part of the fallout from a diplomatic spat that erupted after Israel angered its close ally with the announcement during a visit by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden of plans to build 1,500 Jewish homes in Ramat Shlomo neighborhood of East Jerusalem. Israel has since soothed Washington's ire by promising not to repeat the debacle.
Saturday's eviction orders, unlike the Ramat Shlomo announcement, did not come directly from the government. But while the latest incident may not on the same scale of the last,  it may well cause Netanyahu discomfort as he seeks to assure Obama of his commitment to recently restarted peace talks with the Palestinians.
"The danger is that whether intentionally or in error, the government is aiding the transfer of assets to extremist settlers who want to create provocations in Jerusalem and frustrate any possibility of a two-state solution [two the Israeli-Palestinian conflict," Hagit Ofran of the Peace Now movement told Haaretz.
Saturday's notices threatened owners of the two properties with legal action and fines.
"Failure to comply [with the order] will force my client to act against you with all means available according to the law [...] in such a way as may cause distress, anxiety and large and unnecessary expense," the notices said.
The lawyer who served the order, Anat Paz of law firm Eitan Gabay, informed the families they would be liable to a fine of NIS 350 for each day the remained in their homes beyond the eviction deadline.
Each family was also ordered to pay  NIS 12,000 per year for each of the last seven years. The notices did not reveal names of the claimants to the properties.
On Friday, recipients of the eviction notices approached left-wing activists demonstrating in Sheikh Jarrah to ask for help in fighting the orders.
"I was born in that house," said Karim Siyam, 37, who shares one of the disputed properties, a tiny two-bedroom home, with his mother, wife and two children.
"Since we received the letter we've been terrified. We're scared that any day they'll come and throw us out. In the end that's what will happen. It all depends on who the judge is."
The second house to receive a notice is home to the Kanabi family – parents, four children and their grandmother.
Over the past few months, the eastern part Sheikh Jarrah has been the center of a high-profile battle between settlers and three Palestinian families over 28 disputed houses. But Saturday's notices were for houses in the western half of the neighborhood, marking a broadening of the battleground.
Some eight months ago, Bayit Ehad, a charity organization run by settlers, took over a single house in western Sheikh Jarrah, were it has since carried out improvement work. The latest notices were for adjoining properties either side of that house.
All three houses are believed to have been in Jewish hands before fighting during Israel's independence war in 1948. After the war, the east of the city fell into Jordanian hands.
When Israel conquered East Jerusalem in 1967, the house passed to control of the Custodian General, a government official. They were later purchased by Irwin Moskovitz, an American businessman and a patron of the settler movement.

Friday, May 14, 2010

demonstration against the Wall in Al Ma'sara / Manif contre le Mur a Al Ma'sara, 14.05.2010

(c) Anne Paq/, Al Ma'sara, 14.05.2010

Marking The 62 anniversary Of The Nakba

Ghassan Bannoura - PNN- At least around 150 villagers along with Israelis and Palestinians gathered on Friday in the village of Al Ma’ssara, southern West Bank and protest the Israel wall.

ImageAl Ma’ssara village conducts weekly protests aginst the wall for the past three years. Today the protest was a activity marking the 62 anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba the day Israeli was created and Palestinians lost their lands.

Villagers constructed a stage at the village entrance were troops stop them every Friday and do not allow them to go to the wall being built on villagers lands.

Reem Banna, a Palestinian political singer, preformed some of her songs then Dabka bands and speeches were delivered by officials and organizers.

At the end of the activity Israeli troops tried to provoke children who hurled some stones at them. Troops left after some time, without any further clashes.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Arrest of a young Palestinians of Silwan / Arrestation d'un jeune Palestinien a Silwan, 30.04.2010

(c) Anne Paq/, Silwan, 30.04.2010

Demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah against the evictions of Palestinian families, 30.04.2010

(c) Anne Paq/, Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem, 30.04.2010.

The demonstrations continue in Sheikh Jarrah. Around 200 people gathered, as every Friday. The police blocked the entire neighborhood end pushed back the demonstrators on one side of the road.

Les manifestations continuent a Sheikh Jarrah contre l'expulsion des familles palestiniennes de leurs maisons. Environ 200 personnes se sont rassemblees. La police israelienne a bloque tout le quartier. et a repousse les manifestants sur un des cotes de la route.

Action against building of the Wall in Al Walaja / Action contre la construction du Mur a Al Walaja, 30.04.2010

(c) Anne Paq/, Al-Walaja, 30.04.2010.

report by AATW:
On Friday, the 30th of May, at around 13:00, aprox. 60 Palestinians, Israelis and internationals gathered in the village of al-Walaja for the demo against the apartheid wall, which is being built there these days while confiscating much of the village's lands, surrounding and excluding it from its connection with Jerusalem. The demo began with a march along the bulldozed roads of the village. While walking, some of the demonstrators took direct action and rolled big rocks back on the road where the wall is planned to be built. After the walk speeches were made, both by locals and supporters from the village of al-Ma'asara. Police was only overseeing the protest from afar.

Manifestation contre le Mur a Al-Walaja. Une centaine d'habitants, joints par des internationaux et israeliens, ont marche vers le site de construction du Mur. Des discours ont ete donnes, et des rochers et pierres ont ete mis sur la route des bulldozers. Des dizaines d'arbres ont ete deja arraches