Tuesday, February 14, 2006

le droit d'aimer- Joyeux Saint Valentin/ The right to Love- Happy Valentine's day

Mardi 14 Fevrier, Saint Valentin.

La Saint Valentin est aussi fete ici en Palestine.
Ironiquement, en ce jour, un article dans haaretz est paru sur les declarations d un juge a la Cour Supreme Israelienne. au cours des debats sur un amendement sur la Loi sur la Citoyennete. L'amemdement vise a empecher de reunir les couples mixtes israelien et palestinien en empechant d'octroyer la citoyennete israelienne au conjoint/conjointe palestinien.
De fait cela revient a empecher le marriage entre israeliens et palestiniens.
Le juge a declare que les citoyens israeliens qui veulent epouser des Palestiniens devraient aller vivre a Jenine. La petition devant la Cour Supreme declare: " la liberte individuelle touche au droit humain le plus basique: le droit d'aimer et d'etre aime par son partenaire, d'aspirer a etablir un foyer et une vie commune sans interference institutionnelle".

Pas de Saint Valentin non plus pour Nayfa Abu Imsaa'id, 25 ans. une jeune femme tuee par balles par des soldats israeliens alors qu'elle se promenait avec une de ses amies, selon des sources palestiniennes a 500 metres du Mur.

Joyeux Saint Valentin.

Tuesday 14 February, 2006, Valentine's day.

Check this article on Harretz Below that ironically was published on Valentine's day. The petition in front of the High Court talks about the right to love and to be loved. The petition concerns an amendment to the Citizenship law which will basically prevent mixed Israeli and Palestinian couple to live together. In the debate, the judge declares that the Israelis who want to marry Palestinians should go to live in Jenine. Even love becomes a security threat, love true can turn down a lot of walls,and the fear.

No Valentine's day neither for Nayfa Abu Imsaa'id, a young 25 years old Palestinian womanwho was shot yesterday while she was walking along with a friend. The Israeli soldiers claimed that she was close to the Wall (anyway even of she was, why to kill her?), the Palestian sources assert that she was 500 meters away.

Happy Valentine's day.

Judge: PA is enemy; Israelis who marry Palestinians can go live in Jenin

By Yuval Yoaz, Haaretz Correspondent

During a final debate Tuesday before the High Court was to issue its ruling on a petition calling for the cancellation of an amendment to the Citizenship Law, Justice Mishael Cheshin said Israeli citizens who marry Palestinians should go live in Jenin.

"The Palestinian Authority is an enemy government, a government that wants to destroy the state and is not prepared to recognize Israel," Cheshin said during the debate.

The amendment to the law would prevent the unification of mixed families via the granting of Israeli citizenship to Palestinians married to Israelis. The petition was filed in 2003 by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, The Adalah Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel and other bodies.

Cheshin reproached the petitioners for asking the state to define the security risks entailed in the granting of citizenship. In cases where the granting of Israeli citizenship to a Palestinian spouse would indeed pose a risk to state security, the petitioners asked that such individuals instead be granted entry visas.

"We need to listen to the declarations made by Hamas on a daily basis. The Palestinian people chose Hamas," Cheshin said.

"It's true that the Palestinians are not a hostile people. But are the State of Israel's defensive efforts against terror attacks, against lone individuals carrying out attacks not a sufficient enough reason to prevent their entry? Why should we take chances during wartime? Did England and America take chances with Germans seeking their destruction during the Second World War? No one is preventing them from building a family but they should live in Jenin instead of in [the Israeli Arab city of] Umm al-Fahm. The romance is touching but we are talking about life and death and the right to life takes priority," Cheshin said.

Supreme Court President Aharon Barak raised the possibility of alternate options that would infringe less on human rights.

It is possible, according to Barak, that Palestinians who marry Israelis could remain in Israel but would be granted identity cards visually different from those issued to Israeli citizens. This difference would allow their identification even after their entry into Israel is approved.

The petitioners claim the amendment, which denies citizenship to Palestinians but would grant it to other foreign nationals who marry Israelis, is inherently discriminatory and racist.

"Personal freedom touches on the most basic of human rights: The right to love, to love and be loved by one's partner, to aspire to establish a home and a joint life without any institutional obstacles," the petition said.

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