Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"a stab in the back of resistance"

The Al Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, issued a
press release on Monday slamming the Palestinian Preventive Security
Force, loyal to Fateh movement, for handing to Israel a soldier who
entered Jenin earlier in the day and was captured by members of the
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One of the leaders of the Brigades stated that members of the brigades
in Jenin, in the northern part of the West Bank, managed to capture an
Israeli officer who infiltrated into the city.
“But our fighters were surprised to see members of the Preventive
Security Force surrounding them and taking the soldier away”, the
leader stated, “the soldier was wearing his military uniform, he was
moved to the security headquarters in the city before four Israeli
jeeps entered the city and the preventive security forces handed the
soldier to them”.
The Brigades considered handing the soldier back to Israel as a
rejected act which resembles “a stab in the back of the resistance”,
since the soldier was wearing his military uniform and wasn’t just a
civilian who lost his way.
The Brigades also said that the Palestinian leadership must protect the

residents from the occupation weaponry instead of protecting the
occupation soldiers from the resistance.
Moreover, the Brigades stated that only two days ago Israel
assassinated one of it prominent leaders in Jenin.
“Protecting Israeli soldiers and Special Forces is a stab against
resistance fighters who are targeted by those soldiers”, the Brigades
said, “We will retaliate soon enough”.
Israeli sources reported that the officer was on his way to an Israeli
settlement in the northern part of the West Bank and accidentally drove

into Jenin.
The sources added that the officer was not harmed, and that he was
driving without his firearm, but the Palestinian police said that they
confiscated his weapon.
Moreover, Hamas leadership in the Gaza Stip slammed the Palestinian
Security Forces fo handing the soldier back to Israel and described
this act a a disgrace to the security forces as the ISraeli army is
ongoing with its crimes against the Palestinians.

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