Friday, September 14, 2007


At the start of the New Year knock on our door refugees from the African continent, a continent troubled by bloody wars throughout history. These people fled from genocide occurring in their country and ask for shelter.

In 1949 the young state of Israel proposed anchoring in the Fourth Geneva Convention a clause establishing prohibition for states to refuse those seeking shelter in it's territory, even if they are citizens of an enemy state. This request was raised after Britain allowed shelter to 65,000 German Jews escaping the horrors of the holocaust.

Jewish refugees arrived to the state's shores in complex and operations were breaking the law are the ones who built the cities and town we now call home. Today, nearly 60 years later, hundreds of refugees cross the Egyptian border following long, tiring, and dangerous journeys. Exiled from their country and filled of harassment and abuse in Egypt, they arrive to ask for safe shores in a state whose greatest justification for existing is to give shelter to refugees . Expulsion to Egypt will be a death sentence to these people, since Egypt maintains diplomatic relations with the government that is yearning for their death.

According to the Jewish faith, New Years is when the fate of all those earth bound is set for the upcoming year. During this day we are all equal, without difference of religion color gender or nationality. This is the time to treat people in need as we would like others to treat us.

Don't stand aside, get involved

As part of campaign that initiated the photographers collective Activestills and the group Activists for the sake of refugees, dozens of refugees participated in a photograph that took place on the immigration ship placed in the junction of Herzlia. In the night between Tuesday and Wednesday thousands of posters versus the deportation were being hang in the cities of Israel.

To see photos from the hanging and more photos regarding the African refugges

for the Ben Gurion students site see

to join groups of activists in Tel Aviv or join the mailing list email

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