Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Bush diplomatic circus began

9 january back to business with Bush's visit....such a big joke really. Since a few days, the security is everywhere. The PA security forces are making their show. For what?

Bush has done nothing but blindly supporting Israel. His words about a Palestinian state cannot be taken seriously; anybody who has come to visit Palestine knows that the Israeli and American policies have killed the possibility of a viable Palestinian state.

Bush blatantly discards international law. Today he declared that the outposts that have not been authorized by the Israeli government have to it a joke? ALL THE SETTLEMENTS in the West Bank are ILLEGAL! To remove a few outposts is nothing and should not been seen as a painful compromise for Israel, but as a smokescreen.

By the way; in the press conference, Olmert dared to declare that Israel is committed to the road map! In the meantime, TODAY, some settlers put a new oupost in Hebron.

The people here have all the reasons to not welcome Bush, actually there was a demonstration in Jerusalem where was also denounciated the siege of Gaza. The last days the electricity has been cut off in Gaza for eight hours, and we are in themiddle of the Winter. At the same time, Bush is praising Israel. Shame on Bush; and all his supporters.

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