Saturday, May 17, 2008

Palestinian refugees faces for 60th anniversary of Nakba

Look at situations as contingent, not as inevitable, look at them as the result of a series of historical choices made by men and women, as facts of society made by human beings, and not as natural or god-given, therefore unchangeable, permanent, irreversible.
--Edward Said, Palestinian refugee and prominent intellectual.

On 15 May, yesterday, it was a day of commemoration of the Nakba for the Palestinians.
In 1948, three quarters of the Palestinian population was expelled. around 700,000 Palestinians became refugees.
Today they are more than 7 million scattered all around the planet.
The Palestinians constitute the largest group of refugees in the world.
60 years after, they are still waiting - even worse new refugees and displaced Palestinians continue to add themselves to the shocking figures.

No solution can be found without them.

Here are some of their faces:

Le 15 Mai, hier, c'était le jour de la commémoration de la Nakba pour les Palestiniens, leur "catastrophe".
En 1948, les trois quarts de la population palestinienne a été expulsée. autour de 700.000 Palestiniens sont devenus des réfugiés.
Aujourd'hui, ils sont plus de 7 millions éparpillés tout autour de la planète.
Les Palestiniens constituent le plus grand groupe de réfugiés dans le monde.
60 ans après, ils attendent toujours et pire- nous voyons des nouveaux réfugiés et déplacés accroître les chiffres.

Aucune solution ne peut être trouver sans eux.

Voici quelques-uns de leurs visages:

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