Thursday, July 10, 2008

4 years after...The Wall is still being build and destroys life

(c) Anne Paq/, in front of Azzun Atme; 9 July 2008.

Demonstration to mark the fourth anniversary of the decision of the International Court of Justice against the Wall on 09/07/2008. Azzun Atme is located close to Qalqilia, the village is totally surrounded by the Wall and suffers isolation. There is only one gate to get in and out from the village and only the residents of Azzun Atme can cross it. The demonstration gathers around 200 people, mostly Palestinians from surrounding villages and from Qalqilia. The soldiers did not allow the demonstrators to stand in front of the gate.

Manifestation pour marquer le quatrième anniversaire de la décision de la Cour internationale de justice contre le Mur, le 09/07/2008. Azzun Atme est situé près de Qalqilia, le village est totalement entourée par le Mur et souffre d'isolement. Il y a seulement une porte pour entrer et sortir du village et seuls les résidents de Azzun Atme peuvent la traverser. La manifestation a rassemblé environ 200 personnes, essentiellement des Palestiniens des villages environnants et de Qalqilia. Les soldats n'ont pas permis aux manifestants de rester devant la porte.

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