Thursday, January 11, 2007

another military incursion in aida refugee camp

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Aida Refugee camp

update from Aida camp

These days continue to be dark days. The Israeli occupation soldiers continue their illegal incursions in Aida camp and Bethlehem area as well as a lot of other Palestinian cities and refugee camps since the last 3 nights. The night of 10-11th January they broke in the camp again, kidnapping more young people and children.. This time as well, they broke in my parents house and destroyed the door in Aida camp. The house is usually used to host volunteers and store equipment as well. Fortunately no volunteers are in now, but I don't know what happened. The son of my cousin, Arafa Abdelrahman Abusrour (14 years old) with other teenagers were arrested by the IOF: Mohammad Reyad Rashid Abusrour (19 yrs), Salah Darwish (17 yrs), Hussein AbedRabbah (17yrs), Mohammad Abdelaziz Abusrour (17 yrs), Ibrahim Adel Abusrour (16 yrs), Naseem Mitwaly (17 yrs), the twins Khaleel and Mahmoud Al'Ok (17yrs)..etc. … and there it is, a new year with a lot of hopes and misfortunes…. Long live human rights and international law… long live the hypocrisy and silence and complicity with injustice… long live all these attacks on children, to build the worst future ever possible for a generation who shall know nothing more but violence and aggressions and attacks by the Israeli Offensive occupation army.

Have a good new year


AbdelFattah Abu-Srour, PhD
Director of Al-Rowwad Cultural and Theatre Training Center
Al-Rowwad is an Independent Center for artistic, cultural, and theatre training for children in Aida Camp trying to provide a "safe" and healthy environment to help children creativity and discharge of stress in the war conditions they are forced to live in
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