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Demo against the Wall in Al-Walaja/ Manif contre le Mur a Al-Wasara, 16.04.2010

(c) Anne Paq/, Al-Walaja, 16.04.2010

Around 100 inhabitants from Al-Walaja together with internationals demonstrate against the building of the Wall on 16.04.2010. The demonstrators walked towards Har Gilo settlement in front of which the Wall will be built. Some Palestinians hanged some Palestinians on the fence surrounding the settlement. After the demonstration, the Israeli army invaded the village and arrested three Palestinians.

Une centaine d'habitants d'Al-Walaja avec des internationaux ont manifeste contre la construction du Mur le 16.04.2010. Les manifestants ont marche vers la colonie de Har Gilo en face de laquelle le Mur sera construit. Certains Palestiniens ont reussi a mettre des drapeaux palestiniens sur la clôture entourant la colonie. Après la démonstration, l'armée israélienne a envahi le village et arrêté trois Palestiniens.

Press articles:
Friday protests continue, Walaja homes raided
Published yesterday (updated) 17/04/2010 12:16
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Bethlehem - Ma'an - Following an anti-wall protest in Al-Walaja on Friday, Israeli border police entered the village and surrounded the home of a detained Palestinian, trapping at least 40 people in the home for two hours.

The home of 40 year old Hatem Al-Araj was host to women and children when it was besieged. Witnesses said troops withdrew after two hours without incident, and said it was unclear what they wanted with those in the building.

Village council representatives said the Al-Araj home was a gathering place for locals and internationals who had earlier participated in an anti-wall rally, where they had protested the latest site of wall construction, which cuts off large swaths of land from the Al-Walaja and Beit Jala areas, west of Bethlehem. Lands from the Cremisan Monastery will also be confiscated.

One representative explained that solidarity groups traveled to the homes of prisoners being held by Israel, to offer their support in honor of Prisoners Day, which was marked on Thursday.

During the siege of the Al-Araj home, witnesses said Israeli forces raided several others, detaining three young men for allegedly throwing rocks at Israeli forces.

Those detained were identified as:

Mu’tasem Hajajlah, 20
Rami Ad-Daras, 17
Mohammad Hajajlah,17

During the raids the entrance to Al-Walaja was blocked off, and soldiers prevented meida personnel from accessing the area.

An Israeli spokesman for the border police was unavailable for comment by phone.

Dozens inhale tear gas in Bil'in, Ni'lin and Al-Ma'asara

Ramallah – Ma’an – Dozens were hurt after inhaling gas in the village of Ni’llin west of Ramallah on Friday.

Residents of Bil'in and Ni'lin violated the Israeli military orders of declaring the lands abutting the separation wall a closed military zone on Fridays between 8:00 am-8:00 pm from March until August.

The protesters in both locations carried Palestinian flags and chanted slogans in solidarity with the Palestinians in Israeli prisons, marking Palestinian Prisoners Day.

In Bil'in, members of the Fatah party participated in the rally, where dozens inhaled tear gas, including Fatah Central Committee member Sultan Abu Al-Enein.

Fatah officials had gathered in the village before the march to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of the death of the Fatah leader Kahlil Al-Wazir.

Protests also went ahead in Al-Ma'asara, with no injuries reported.

Palestinians across the West Bank continue to protest the construction of Israel's separation wall, and the continued building of Israeli settlements, both of which see the confiscation of Palestinian lands within the 1967 borders; an area the international community sees as the borders that will one day be a Palestinian state.

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