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Verdict for Vic

(c) Anne Paq/, Gaza, 15.05.2012

A graffiti in the memory of Victorio Arrigoni, an Italian activist and journalist killed in Gaza in April 2011, in Gaza city, Gaza Strip, May 15, 2012. Vittorio Arrigoni was an Italian reporter, writer and well known  activist,member of  International Solidarity Movement (ISM) in the Gaza Strip, from 2008 until his death.  He was kidnapped and then murdered by suspected members of a Palestinian Salafist group in Gaza.

Today finally the verdict was given. Text that I wrote just after Vic was killed: here

here are the details in Maan news article:

Gaza court convicts 4 men in murder of Vittori Arrigoni
Published today (updated) 17/09/2012 17:06

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- An appeals court in the Gaza Strip on Monday convicted four Palestinians of the killing of Italian peace activist Vittori Arrigoni in 2011.

The court sentenced Mahmoud Salfiti, 23, and Tamer Hasasna, 25, to life imprisonment plus 10 years for kidnap and murder, while Khader Ajram, 26, was sentenced to 10 years for abduction.

The three defendants were identified by the Hamas-run court as Hamas security men who had been working for a Salafi group for ideological reasons.

Amer Abu Ghula, a 25-year-old fisherman, fled Gaza after the killing and was sentenced in absentia to 12 months for harboring a fugitive.

The men flashed defiant smiles as the sentences were handed down.

"They will find justice with God and not with this court," a relative of the one of the defendants muttered.

Lawyers said Arrigoni's family had written to the court to oppose imposing the death penalty.

Hamas forces killed two men accused of the murder when clashes erupted during a raid in Nuseirat refugee camp three days after Arrigoni was killed. A third was injured and a fourth detained.

Arrigoni, a long-time member of the International Solidarity Movement, was kidnapped on April 14, 2011.

Shortly after his disappearance, a previously unknown Salafist group released a YouTube video showing a bruised and bloodied Arrigoni and threatened to kill him within 30 hours if Hamas failed to release a group of jihadist prisoners.

Security forces found Arrigoni's body shortly afterward, ahead of the stated deadline, in an abandoned house in northern Gaza.

News of the Italian activist's murder was greeted with widespread condemnation, and demonstrations and vigils were held across the West Bank in his memory.
Communiqué de ISM France:

Quatre condamnations pour le meurtre de Vittorio Arrigoni

Par ISM-France
Ce matin à Gaza s'est tenue la dernière audience du tribunal jugeant quatre inculpés appartenant à un groupe salafiste et inculpés pour le meurtre de notre compagnon Vittorio Arrigoni.

- Mahmoud Al Salfiti et Tamer Al Husasna ont été jugés coupables de l'enlèvement et de l'assassinat de Vittorio et condamnés à la prison à vie.
- Qader Farouk Jerim a été condamné à 10 ans de prison pour enlèvement.
- Amer Abu Gola a été condamné à 1 an de prison pour avoir mis à disposition la maison dans laquelle Vittorio a été détenu et pendu.

ISM-France considère que justice est rendue, contrairement au simulacre de procès qui a eu lieu le mois dernier dans l'entité
sioniste coloniale, qui a exonéré l'assassin de Rachel Corrie.

Reposez-en paix, chers camarades, nous continuons le combat jusqu'à la libération de la
Palestine, toute la Palestine.
Texte que j'avais ecris juste après la Mort de Vic: ici

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