Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Al Kader night (2)

(c) Anne Paq/Activestills.org, Bethlehem checkpoint.
8 Octobre 2007.
Alors que d'autres Palestiniens ont pu aller a Jerusalem pour celebrer la nuit al kader, certains sont rester coinces au checkpoint de bethlehem, ferme a 19h (alors que le checkpoint reste normalement ouvert jusqu'a minuit). Ces femmes venaient de Hebron. Certains ont decide de passer la nuit au checkpoint pour aller a Jerusalem au petit matin.
While other Palestinians could go to Jerusalem to celebrate Al-Kader night, many remained stuck at the checkpoint in Bethlehem that closed at 7pm (usually it closes at midnight). The old women on the picture came from Hebron, for nothing.
Some Palestinians decided to sleep in the checkpoint in order to go to Jerusalem the next day.

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