Wednesday, October 17, 2007

no escape from humiliation, even in death

Gaza unable to bury its dead
Date: 17 / 10 / 2007 Time: 18:36

Cemetery in Gaza (MaanImages)Gaza – Ma'an Report – Gaza has run out of materials for the burial of its dead. Due to Israel's closure of the crossings in and out of the strip, the deceased of Gaza can no longer be buried in shrouds or graves.The remainder of cloth in the coastal region was used to make clothes for half-a-million children for Eid ul-Fitr. The cement for graves was used for purposes which were given priority over the burial of the dead.In consequence, the corpses continue to be exposed to the elements.Minister of Waqf in the de facto government in Gaza Yousif Al-Mansi said that the closure of the crossings has resulted in a humanitarian disaster."Because of the crippling siege," said Al-Mansi, "which has been imposed on the Gaza Strip for a long time, the basic necessities for existence are absent, namely cement for graves. Even the dead are suffering from the Israeli occupation."Al-Mansi insisted the international community exert pressure on Israel to reopen the crossings for goods, particularly cement.There are severe shortages of cement, Palestinians in Gaza reported paying 100 NIS for cement instead of 20.There is also a shortage of stones to cover the graves and Palestinians are using tinplates instead, which are fast running out.Head of the sewing union in Gaza Fuad 'Uda says there are no raw materials for making shrouds.

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