Friday, October 26, 2007

to the soldier i talked to...

two evenings ago, i began to talk with a soldier that was unusually standing in front of the Bethlehem checkpoint.

he asked me if i was in Bethlehem and how it was there, and i told him it would be so much nicer without the wall that had turned it into a prison./ of course as expected he replied that he was happy about the wall because it was the wall that was keeping him alive.
i asked about the reasons why there were staying in Palestine, and told him that i do believe that with the end of occupation the security of Israel will be more secure. Typically he told me about how they left Gaza to the Palestinians and how they were still attacked.
at that stage it was hard to keep calm. I told him that Gaza was not "given" back to the Palestinians, as the Israeli army still control the borders, the sea and the airspace. and that almost nobody could get in and out. this is not a really what i would call a gift. and anyway how can you give something that it not yours in the first place?
I told him how Gaza had turned into the biggest prison on earth.
I asked him if he knew that some people that are sick just die there because they cannot go out and get the proper treatment. last week Israel denied the entry of products that that are essential for anesthesia for surgery so now no surgery can be performed.
of course he denied it all.
how can the denials and lie continue?
soon Gaza will turn into darkness, as the electricity is going to be cut. what is next? and when somebody will have the courage to call it- crimes against humanity?

as i walked away from the soldiers, i still said goodbye.
i wish that all the news as the one below will begin to be told aloud and aloud in Israel.

Twice turned away at Israeli border, Palestinian heart attack patient dies
Date: 25 / 10 / 2007 Time: 16:33

Erez Crossing [Ma'anImages]Gaza – Ma'an – A Palestinian man suffering from a heart attack died Tuesday after Israeli forces twice refused to allow his ambulance to enter Israel where he was to be treated.A Palestinian human rights group is saying Israeli soldiers fired on the ambulance.According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), Seventy-seven-year-old Nemer Mohammed Salim Shuhaiber from Gaza City was admitted to the intensive care unit at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City on Sunday suffering an acute heart attack. The Palestinian Ministry of Health ordered Shuhaiber to be transferred to an Israeli hospital for further treatment.By Monday, the Health Ministry had secured Israeli approval for the transfer. When the ambulance carrying Shuhaiber and his two sons arrived at Erez border crossing, PHCR said, Israeli soldiers fired on the vehicle, forcing it to return Gaza City.Medical officials made a second attempt to transfer the patient on Tuesday. This time, PHCR said, the ambulance was delayed for five hours at the border while Israeli soldiers inspected the ambulance. Shuhaiber, still in serious condition, was laid on the ground in direct sunlight for over an hour. At the end of the inspection, the border guards order the ambulance back to Gaza, where Shuhaiber died.Shuhaiber also reportedly suffered from diabetes and hypertension.According to PHCR, this is the fifth death in six months resulting from the obstruction of ambulances at Erez crossing.

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