Monday, July 21, 2014

Gaza under attack, Day 15, 21.07.2014

  26 members of the same family Abu Jame' killed, including 18 children and 5 women 
26 membres de la même famille tués, dont 18 enfants et cinq femmes

 As I just finished to document a funeral, there was another one just around the corner

 An airtrike damaged the water infrastructure and caused spilling of sewage in the streets
Une frappe israélienne a endommagé les infrastructures d'évacuation des eaux, ce qui a causé le déversement des égouts dans les rues

(c) Anne Paq/, 21.07.2014

More funerals today.  Whole families targeted, and today an hospital, which caused the death of 4 Patients

This is the account of Al Mezan Center for Human Rights for the Abu Jahme' family
"At approximately 7:50 pm on Sunday, 20 July 2014, Israeli warplanes bombarded the house pf Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame'. The three-story-house is inhabited by five families and is located in the Bani Suhaila town, east of Khan Younis district in the south of the Gaz Strip. The house, which was attacked without prior warning, was completely destroyed in the attack. Civil defense and ambulances crews rushed to the destroyed house to uncover the bodies buried under the rubble. It took them until the next day, Monday 21 July 2014, to uncover the victims. Medics found 25 bodies, 18 children and five women. Only three residents survived, and they sustained with varying injuries. Those who were killed are:
1.      Fatma Ahmad Abu Jame', 60;
2.      Sabah Tawfeeq Abu Jame', 35; (Fatma's daughter)
3.      Razan Tawfeeq Abu Jame', 14; (Fatma's daughter)
4.      Jawdat Tawfeeq Abu Jame', 13; (Fatma's son)
5.      Aya Tawfeeq Abu Jame', 12; (Fatma's daughter)
6.      Haifa Tawfeeq Abu Jame', 9; (Fatma's daughter)
7.      Tawfeeq Tawfeeq Abu Jame', 4; (Fatma's son)
8.      Maysa Tawfeeq Abu Jame', 7; (Fatma's daughter)
9.      Ahmad Tawfeeq Abu Jame', 8; (Fatma's son):
10.  Shahinaz Waleed Abu Jame', 29,
11.  Ayyoub Tayseer Abu Jame', 10; (Shahinaz's son)
12.  Fatima Tayseer Abu Jame', 12; (Shahinaz's daughter)
13.  Rayan Tayseer Abu Jame', 5; (Shahinaz's son)
14.  Rinat Tayseer Abu Jame', 2; (Shahinaz's daughter),
15.  Nojoud Tayseer Abu Jame', 4 months; (Shahinaz's daughter)
16.  Yasmin Abu Jame', 25, who was pregnant,
17.  Batoul Bassam Abu Jame', 4; (Yasmin's daughter)
18.  Suheila Bassam Abu Jame', 3; (Yasmin's daughter)
19.  Bisan Bassam Abu Jame', 6 months; ; (Yasmin's daughter),
20.  Yasser Abu Jame', 27,
21.  Fatima Abu Jame, 26, (Yasser's pregnant wife);
22.  Sajed Yasser Abu Jame', 7; (Yasser and Yasmin's son)
23.  Siraj Yasser Abu Jame', 4; (Yasser and Yasmin's son),
24.  Nour Yasser Abu Jame', 2; (Yasser and Yasmin's son)
25.  Hosam Abu Geinas, 7, who is the house owner's nephew
26.  Ahmad Suleiman Sahmoud, 34, a visitor.

Complete photo story here:

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