Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gaza under attack, Day 9

 Through a broken glass of el-Wafa hospital after it was damaged by 5 missiles. At the back: Israel

 Pieces of missiles gathered at the el-Wafa hospital, targeted last Friday

Top floor was evacuated, patients went down. Many rooms are not used as considered dangerous

 Patients have no where to go, doctors stay and internationals joined as human shields
 Boats destroyed following Israeli attacks last Friday 9 Boats were destroyed.

 On the foreground: what remains of the Gaza ark, a boat which was supposed to sail from Gaza with a group international activists to break the Israeli imposed naval siege.

 Deserted street in Gaza seaside
Palestinian workers pick up garbage

 Al-Mezan fieldworkers, and other human rights groups work all around the clock

Brave paramedics ready to go with ambulances to rescue people after military attacks. 

 Paramedics work for 24 hours and then have 24 hours break.

(c) Anne Paq/Activestills.org, 15.7.2014

I wish I had power to write now...but it is already 2.30am, and I have been working non-stop since 8.30am. I woke up this morning thinking it was a ceasefire at the night in my area was quite calm..but then the sound of a bombing told me otherwise. I went around a lot, taking pictures and videos, for various reports and ngos. What struck me is the summud under the bombs. How Palestinians stick together and help each other even more during these difficult days. Everyone feels a duty to keep going and helping. I even saw the municipality workers picking up the garbage. The paramedics are true heroes, working non-stop, and facing extreme danger when they go at night to the dangerous areas to pick up the injured and the dead.
Tonight as the news arrive that Israel warned 100,000 Palestinians to leave their homes, heavy bombings are expected. I moved my mattress far for the windows. Bombings can be heard in the background, so far not to close but Gaza is now being bombed in many locations. Already news about a 5-month baby killed.  More will come. Again and again.


Je voudrais avoir de l'énergie pour écrire davantage... mais il est déjà 02h30, et je travaille non-stop depuis 08h30. Je me suis réveillée ce matin en pensant que c'était le cessez le feu comme la nuit dans ma région avait été assez calme. .. mais le bruit d'un bombardement m'a dit le contraire. Je suis allée sur le terrain toute la journée, pour  prendre des photos et vidéos, pour différents articles et differentes ONG. Ce qui m'a frappée c'est la summud sous les bombes, la résilience admirable des Palestiniens. La manière de se serrer les coudes et de s'aider encore plus en ces jours difficiles. Les familles ouvrent leur porte pour accueillir des frères, des cousins, des soeurs qui habitent dans des zones plus dangereuses.
Tout le monde se sent le devoir de continuer et d'aider. J'ai même vu des travailleurs de la municipalité ramasser les ordures. Les ambulanciers sont de véritables héros, ils travaillent non-stop, et font face à un danger extrême quand ils vont la nuit dans les zones dangereuses pour ramasser les blessés et les morts. 

Ce soir, alors que nous avons appris qu'Israël a sommé 100.000 Palestiniens de quitter leurs maisons, des bombardements lourds sont attendus. J'ai déplacé mon matelas loin des fenêtres. J'entends des bombardements mais pour l"instant ils ne sont pas proches, mais Gaza est bombardé à de nombreux endroits. Déjà un bébé de 5 mois tué. D'autres viendront. Encore et encore.

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  1. Vas-y, Anne. Travail superbe.

    If it is possible to send me hi-res images I will print and hang them in our local gallery on a daily basis.

    Stay safe. Stay strong.