Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gaza under attack, Day 13

Palestinian members of the Salem family collect their belongings in a truck to move to another place after their home was destroyed by an Israeli attack, Gaza city, July 19, 2014. In their building completely destroyed and the opposite one also from the same extended family, 
80 Palestinians were living.

(c) Anne Paq/, Gaza, 19.07.2014

I am reaching the limit of what I can take. I  could not edit more pictures.
 I am going to bed to try to get some sleep.
The situation on the ground is devastating, death and demolition all around.

Je commence à atteindre mes limites. Je n'ai pas pu faire mon travail quotidien de selection et de publication.
Je vais me coucher pour essayer de récupérer.
La situation sur le terrain est dévastatrice, la mort et les démolitions sont partout.

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