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Construction of a Palestinian "outpost" next to the settlers outpost in Hebron / Construction d'un "avant-poste" palestinien de protestation

(c) Anne Paq/Activestills.orh, Hebron, 08.05.2009.

Today there was a very brave and bold action in Hebron. A group of Palestinians, Israelis and internationals built in a few minutes a shack on the lands of the Jabari family in protest of the illegal building of settlements, just next to a new settlers' outpost located close to the settlement of Kyriat Arba on 8.05.2009. The settlers tried to destroy the shack and even attempted put it on fire but they did not manage. They also repeatedly attacked and provoked the group. I was myself kicked above the knee.
The Israeli soldiers and police arrived at the scene and violently pushed the group away while the settlers were allowed to stay. 8 Israelis, 2 Palestinians were detained.

see the video:

and the article:
outh protest against consrtuction of illegal Israeli outpost; settlers throw burning rags at internationals
Date: 08 / 05 / 2009 Time: 14:12
تكبير الخط تصغير الخط
Photos courtesy of
Youth Against Settlements [Ma'anImages]
Hebron – Ma’an – Israeli soldiers detained five Israeli citizens working as peace activists protesting the establishment of an on illegal settlement east of Hebron in the West Bank.

The Israeli activists, along with a dozen international activists and Palestinians were demonstrating near the land of Issa Jaber in the Al-Buwaira area of Hebron.
Protesters built small booth, mirroring a hut constructed on the land last month by Israeli settlers on Palestinian-owned land. According to the group Youth Against Settlements, the settlers are trying to impose a “de facto” situation on the land and create an illegal settler outpost on the area and effectively annex the land.

According to the youth, Israeli soldiers arrived shortly after 10am, when the hut was built. The soldiers took positions around the settlers, who were pelting the protest hut with stones, heavy tools and gas-soaked rags set aflame. The whole incident, said the youth group was “under the leadership of their fundamentalist leader Baroukh Marzel.”

Israeli soldiers told activists they were no longer permitted to use the land and launched sound bombs at the tent. Troops arrested the Israeli activists, under a legal dictate that prohibits Israeli citizens from entering areas of the West Bank under Palestinian Authority control.

In addition to the five Israelis, and three international activists, local resident Wael Azaatari, was also arrested. The rest of the protesters were forcibly removed from the area.

Aujourd'hui, une action tres courageuse et temeraire s'est deroulee à Hébron, pres de la colonie de Kyriat Arba. Un groupe de Palestiniens, Israéliens et internationaux a construit en quelques minutes une construction sur les terres de la famille dans Jabari juste à côté d'un des nouveaux avant-poste construit par les clons il y a quelques semaines. Les colons ont bien entendu essayé de détruire la cabane et même tenté d' mettre le feu mais ils n'ont pas reussi. Ils ont également attaqué à maintes reprise le groupe et ont multiplie les provocation. J'ai moi-même reçu un coup de pied au-dessus du genou.
Les soldats israéliens et la police sont arrivés sur les lieux et ont poussé violemment le groupe tandis que les colons ont été autorisés à rester. 8 Israéliens, 2 Palestiniens ont été arrêtés.

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