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Israeli army takes over Oush Grab / L'armee israelienne a repris oush grab

(c) Anne Paq/, Oush Grab, Beit Sahour, 10.02.2010

Israeli military take over Oush grab, a hill located in Beit Sahour on 10.02.2010. Oush grab used to be an Israeli military base until 2006. Then it was abandoned and Palestinians built a restaurant and playground for children in the area. However the settlers started to visit oush grab regularly and claimed it for a new settlement called "sdema", for which there is already a ;. The Israeli army arrived today with two bulldozers. It was announced that they want to build a military tower. They began to level the land and it is unclear what they want to achieve. Inhabitants are fearing this would be the start of the new settlement. Around 30 inhabitants and internationals went to protest but they were told that they should leave because it is a closed military zone. The popular committee for Oush grab announces they will resist to any attempt to establish a new settlement and they plan to stay in the location in protest. (see IMEMC article below)

L'armee israelienne a repris Oush Grab, une colline située à Beit Sahour, le 10/02/2010. Oush Grab etait une base militaire israélienne jusqu'en 2006. Puis elle a été abandonnée et les Palestiniens ont construit un restaurant et une aire de jeux pour les enfants juste a cote. Toutefois, les colons ont commencé à visiter grab oush régulièrement et ont proclame qu'ils allaient eriger une nouvelle colonie du nom de "Sdema". Il y a meme un panneau qui en indique la direction vers Har Homa (si un panneau a ete mis, c'est bien que les autorites israeliennes sont complices).

L'armée israélienne est arrivée aujourd'hui, avec deux bulldozers. Il avait deja ete annoncé dans les medias qu' ils voulaient construire une tour militaire. Ils ont commencé a niveler niveau la terre et il n'est pas encore clair ce qu'ils veulent réaliser. Les habitants craignent que cela soit le début de la nouvelle colonie.

Environ 30 habitants et des internationaux sont aussitot allés protester mais on leur a dit qu'ils devaient partir et que la zone etait declaree une zone militaire proche. Le comité populaire pour Oush Grab a annonce qu'ils allaient résister à toute tentative d'établir une nouvelle colonie et ils prévoient de maintenir une presence et d'organiser des actions de protestation a Oush Grab.

BBeit Sahour Residents Protest Work Carried Out at Oush Grab
author Wednesday February 10, 2010 18:16author by Circare Parrhesia - IMEMC News Report post

Members of the town of Beit Sahour, along with members of the international community, protested at the site of former military base Osh Graib, on Wednesday, against work carried out at the site by the State of Israel. Israel claims that it wishes to build a new watchtower on the site.

The workers, accompanied by the Israeli military arrived at the site at 3:30 p.m. with two armored bulldozers and began excavating the site. Members of the local community came to the site at 5 p.m. to demonstrate, but were informed by the military that the base had been declared a closed military zone.

The document supporting this decision was written in Hebrew, only, and could not be confirmed by the locals in attendance.

At approximately 6 p.m. the military declared that work had been finished for the day, and both parties dispersed.

The residents of Beit Sahour are concerned that the military out post is an excuse and that construction of a new settlement block will begin. Zionists have been calling for the construction of a new settlement, to be named Shdema, since 2008 and have been holding rallies, including the those to cultivate the land, as a symbol of their desire to occupy the area.

In 2006, the Israeli military abandoned the base that was already established on the site. The municipality of Beit Sahour assumed control of the land and renovated the area, creating a public park.

Speaking to IMEMC, Dr. Mazin Qumsia, a resident of Beit Sahour, stated,

“They claim that it’s about a watchtower that they want to construct, but the map of the watchtower is a different map to this area; it has nothing to do with this bulldozing. My fear is that they are either going to get back the military base completely, or that they are going to have a settlement.”

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